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Hisense Roku TVs are best for watching movies and your favorite shows. They come in different sizes. All Hisense Roku TVs are smart and come with the latest features.

They support all the popular streaming services like Hulu, Youtube, Netflix, and many more. So, they provide you greater opportunities for entertainment.

The smart devices have a fragile software system that needs a regular upgrade. The software is vulnerable to glitches and bugs. They can create different sorts of problems.

Hisense Roku TV Keeps on Restarting Solved - SpeakersMag (1)

For example, TV giving sound but no picture, some apps are not running, screen going black. One common issue with the Hisense Roku TV is automatic restart.

This situation is very frustrating. Especially, if your Hisense Roku TV keeps on restarting during the middle of a movie or show.

But, this problem can be solved in a few minutes. You do not need any technical assistance to solve this issue. Because this article is going to tell you the best working solutions.

All the methods listed here are verified and will fix your Hisense Roku TV which keeps on restarting.

Table of Contents

1. Reboot Your Hisense Roku TV

This is a super solution to solve most of the technical problems. Rebooting a device deletes all the extra files and cleans its running memory.

So, your device is refreshed thereby improving its efficiency. In the present case, your Hisense Roku TV is restarting on its own. But, you should reboot it to solve this issue.

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So, let us reboot your Hisense TV.

  1. Grab your Roku TV remote and press the “Home” button to open the menu.
  2. Go to Settings and then to the “System Settings.”
  3. Navigate to the “System Restart” tab. Tap the Restart button and continue the process.

There is another method to reboot your Roku TV.

  1. Just unplug your TV from the power source.
  2. Wait for 20-30 seconds.
  3. Plug in the power cord again and press the power button to turn your TV on.

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2. Update the Latest Software Version

If your Roku TV is restarting on its own, its firmware may be outdated. The manufacturer keeps on releasing the upgraded software versions.

They not only add new features to your TV but also remove software bugs. So, the TV cannot work efficiently with the older version.

Sometimes, your Roku TV updates to the latest firmware version automatically. It happens if the feature is turned on in the settings. However, you can do it manually. Let us understand the process;

  1. Open the TV menu by pressing the “Home” button on the remote.
  2. Here you will see different options, select “Settings”.
  3. Now, navigate to the “System Settings.”
  4. Scroll to find the “System Update” and tap on the “Check Now” option.
  5. Next, proceed to the software update by following the on-screen instructions.

3. Check the Power Supply

The poor power supply can also trigger automatic restart on your Hisense Roku TV. The TV is not getting enough power. It may be caused by a fault in the power outlet or power cord.

Check the power cable is plugged in properly or not. Also, check the health of your TV’s power cable. Look for cuts, bends, and any signs of short circuit.

Moreover, you should also ensure that you are using a standard power cable specifically designed for your Hisense Roku TV. A second class or incompatible power cable can also cause the restarting issue.

Another reason for bad power supply is the faulty power outlet or low voltage. You can check this by plugging in some other device into the same power outlet to which your TV is connected.

4. Reset the Streaming Stick

A Streaming Stick can also cause this issue if it is connected to your TV. Maybe your Roku TV is unable to send enough power to the stick or it may have some bugs.

So, you can solve this issue in two ways. First, power cycle your Hisense Roku TV. Unplug the power cord and leave the TV turned off for 10 minutes.

Plug in the power supply again and turn your TV on. Next, restart and reset your Streaming Stick such as Roku or any other. Update the firmware of your Streaming Stick also. This method can fix your Hisense Roku TV if it keeps on restarting.

(Video) How To Fix Almost All Roku TV Issues/Problems in Just 3 Steps - Roku Not Working Restart Update

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5. Examine the HDMI Cables

A damaged or defective HDMI cable can also trigger the restart issue on your Hisense Roku TV. Carefully inspect the cables and look for the signs of damage.

Also, make sure that the cable is plugged firmly into the HDMI port of your TV and the source device. Unplug the cable and clean the port properly.

Maybe dust or debris has accumulated in the port and creating trouble. Now, plug it back firmly and check your TV’s performance.

6. Ensure Powerful Network Signals

Since your Hisense Roku TV works with a Wifi network, poor signal strength can also cause restart problems. You should test your network speed.

Disconnect the Wifi from your TV and reconnect after some time. Check the router efficiency by connecting it with some other device.

Decrease the number of connections made with your Wifi router. Because if you have connected many devices with your Wifi network, they can affect its performance.

In addition, switch to a different channel. Another trick is to shift the frequency. Most of the Wifi routers feature dual frequencies.

Maybe something is interfering with the current frequency. So, changing the frequency can also resolve the problem.

7. Avoid Overheating

This issue may seem trivial. But, it really affects your TV’s health. When you watch your Hisense Roku TV for a long time, it heats up.

This device has an automatic shutdown feature to prevent overheating and accompanying damage. So, give your TV some time to rest.

Shut down and disconnect it from the power supply. Let it cool down fully and then plug it back in. A pro tip to avoid overheating is that you should keep your TV in an airy place.

Make sure that nothing is blocking the airflow to your TV. Furthermore, remove any nearby electronic devices. The heat from other devices can also affect your TV’s performance.

(Video) How to Turn OFF TV Internal Speaker on All Roku TV's (TCL, Hisense, Westinghouse, Element, etc)

They may also interfere with the frequency of your Hisense Roku TV. Hence, causing it to restart frequently. Therefore, you should not put any electronic or magnetic device in the close vicinity of your Hisense Roku TV.

8. Reinstall the Channels or Apps

Sometimes your Hisense Roku TV keeps on restarting only when a specific channel is played or a certain app is launched. You should keenly notice the issue.

Find out the app or channel which triggers restart on your TV. In this case, your TV has no problem rather the app or channel is the culprit. They can be fixed in two ways.

The first method is to update the channel or app. The problem-creating channel or app is outdated or buggy. That’s why your Hisense Roku TV is restarting on its own.

The second method is to uninstall and reinstall the channel or app. Follow the instructions given below:

  1. Highlight the problem-creating channel using your Roku TV remote.
  2. Now, tap the button with the * symbol on it.
  3. You will see a number of options, choose the “Remove Channel” option.
  4. It will take a few minutes to delete the channel.
  5. After a few minutes, reinstall the channel.
  6. Open the ‘Home Screen’ on your TV and go to settings.
  7. Now, navigate to the “Streaming Channels”. Search the deleted channel and click on the reinstall option.

9. Disconnect the Headphones

Headphones are also a common problem-creator. If they are connected to your remote, they can trigger restart on your Hisense Roku TV.

Just disconnect the headphones from the remote to resolve the problem quickly. However, if it is essential to use headphones, you can try other troubleshooting methods.

One method is to disconnect and reconnect the headphones. Another is to remove the remote batteries. After a few seconds, insert the batteries again.

Another trick is to un-pair the remote from your TV. Now, pair the remote again with your TV. If this does not solve the problem, move on to the next solution.

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10. Fix the Nintendo Switch Wifi

Many Roku TV owners face the restart issue due to Nintendo Switch Wifi. It interferes with the smart Hisense Roku TV. More specifically, the issue arises while the users play Pokemon.

Although Roku has released an update to resolve this problem yet it keeps on happening. Either you have not installed the update properly or there is any other update available.

You can resolve this issue by following these quick and easy steps;

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  1. First, update your Hisense Roku TV.
  2. Next, power cycle it by unplugging and re-plugging the power supply.
  3. Turn the Airplane mode on and then turn off the “Nintendo Switch Wifi.”
  4. Finally, reboot your TV and check its performance.

11. Clear the Cache

Roku TV also stores data in the cache to make it readily available. A soft reset or cache clearance can solve your issue. It does not affect the settings of your TV. It just frees up some space in your TV’s memory.

You can clear the cache by the following process;

  1. On your Roku remote, press the Home button 5 times.
  2. Next, press the “Upward Navigation” button one time.
  3. Now, press the “Rewind” button and “Fast Forward” buttons 2 times each.
  4. This will clear the temporary memory or cache of your Hisense Roku TV.

12. Restore your Roku TV to Factory Settings

Resetting to factory settings is the ultimate solution for all software issues. Restoring your device to the factory settings will delete all the data.

You will have to reinstall the apps and channels again. Moreover, you will be re-customizing all the settings. So, consider this option as the final one.

  1. Follow these instructions to perform a factory reset on your Hisense Roku TV.
    On your TV remote, open the menu by pressing the “Home” button.
  2. Go to settings and then to “System Settings”.
  3. Next, scroll to tap the “Advanced System Settings”. Bottom of Form
  4. Choose the option “Factory Reset”.
  5. It will require a code, enter it and click the “Continue” button.
  6. Wait a few moments until the process is completed.

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13. Seek Technical Assistant

All the above-mentioned solutions are very helpful for fixing your Hisense Roku TV which keeps on restarting. However, if all these methods fail then your TV has some intricate problem, maybe a hardware defect.

It is tricky to find it at home. So, you need to consult a technician or Hisense customer support. If your Roku TV is new and has not exceeded the warranty, you can submit a complaint to the company.

The company will consider refund, replacement, or fixing the problem. Another alternative is to consult a local and professional TV mechanic. You should consider this option if your Hisense Roku TV has exceeded the warranty.

Final Words

This article is a comprehensive guide for you. If your Hisense Roku TV keeps on restarting, you should try all the 13 methods listed here.

It is better to invest some time in fixing your electronic devices rather than calling a mechanic. Because you can save money. Moreover, you also learn to handle technical gadgets.

Basic knowledge about the devices around your home is very necessary. In this age of technology, you must learn some technical things.

We always bring the best working solution for your problems. Stay in contact with us to learn more about the world of technology. Hope this article would help you if your Hisense TV also keeps restarting.


Why does my Hisense Roku TV keep resetting? ›

If your Hisense TV has been randomly turning on and off or suddenly even restarting, you may be having these problems because your TV needs a software update. Another common cause is there may be a frayed cord. However, the first remedy should be restarting your device or performing a factory reset.

Why does Roku TV keep restarting? ›

Roku streaming players that connect to the USB port on your TV will lose power when the television is turned off. Also, depending on your television, many will lose power when the TV goes into standby. This means that your Roku device must “boot-up” every time the TV is turned on.

Why does my Hisense Smart TV keep turning off by itself? ›

A Hisense TV will typically shut down on its own as a result of a timer setting or a defective power supply connection. It will be required to investigate the settings and confirm that everything is linked properly and that no cables require replacement to resolve these problems.

How do you do a hard reset on a Hisense Roku TV? ›

Locate the pinhole Reset button on the back of your TV, near the antenna, HDMI, and audio connections. Using a straightened paperclip (or similar), press and hold the reset button for at least 20 seconds.

Why is my smart TV constantly restarting? ›

Usual Causes of Frequent Restart Problems

Outdated software. Unstable internet connection. Faulty capacitors. Defective motherboard.

Why does my Roku TV keep turning off and back on? ›

Try unplugging all the external connected devices from your TV—remove all HDMI connections, audio connections to sound bars, etc. These can sometimes cause issues with the TV and removing them may resolve any problems.

How do I update my Roku firmware? ›

Manually checking for updates
  1. Press Home. on your Roku remote.
  2. Scroll and select Settings.
  3. Select System.
  4. Select System update.
Nov 29, 2022

Why is my Roku TV acting up? ›

If your Roku device is not working, a simple restart can often fix the issue. You can set your Roku back to its original state by performing a factory reset, but that will wipe all settings, preferences and data from the device.

Why does my TV keep shutting off for no reason? ›

If your TV has turned itself off a single time this could be due to a sleep timer. A sleep timer can be set so that your TV will switch itself off automatically after a certain amount of time. If your TV switches itself off you should check to see if a sleep timer has been activated.

How do you fix your TV when it keeps turning off? ›

Unplug the TV from the outlet for 30 seconds, and when plugging it back in, plug it directly into an outlet that you know works properly. This is called a 'soft reset' and should recalibrate the TV.

How do you fix a smart TV that keeps turning off? ›

Unplug the TV from the outlet for 30 seconds, and when plugging it back in, plug it directly into an outlet that you know works properly. This is called a 'soft reset' and should recalibrate the TV.

What happens if I factory reset my Roku TV? ›

Performing a factory reset will remove all stored personal data relating to your settings, network connections, Roku data, and menu preferences. Once completed, you must repeat the guided setup, reconnecting to the Internet, re-linking your Roku account, and reloading streaming channels.

How do I fix Bootloop on my smart TV? ›

  1. Unplug the TV for 30 seconds. Unplug the TV from the wall outlet or surge protector and leave it unplugged for 30 seconds.
  2. Inspect the power cord for damage. Check the power cord to see if there is any visible damage. ...
  3. Plug the TV power cord back into the wall outlet. ...
  4. Try to update the software.
Mar 6, 2022

How do you know when your smart TV is going bad? ›

If the colours on your screen appear distorted, then your TV might be malfunctioning. Traditionally, this issue tends to occur gradually, meaning that you might not notice any difference at first. This is due to the common factor that one colour tends to weaken at a time; therefore, no obvious changes happen overnight.

Is Hisense a Roku TV? ›

Is Hisense Roku TV a smart TV? Hisense is a smart TV featuring the powerfully simple Roku OS built in. It has all the features you would expect from a smart TV like the ability to stream your favorite channels with a massive selection of free, live, and premium TV, gaming, and more.

How do I know if I need a new Roku? ›

Many older Roku models only support single-band Wi-Fi, and even some recent ones don't support the latest 802.11ac standard. Consider upgrading if your Roku's streaming quality doesn't seem to match your internet speed and/or your router's capabilities.

What is the Roku secret menu? ›

The Wireless secret menu lets you see information about the Wi-Fi connection to your Roku device. You can see information such as signal strength and channel information. To access the Wireless secret menu: Press Home five times.

Do Roku TVs need updates? ›

Any time your Roku TV is connected to the internet, it checks for software updates every 24 to 36 hours. When a new version is available, it is automatically downloaded and installed without interrupting use of your Roku TV. Should you wish, you can also manually check for new software updates.

What is glitch on Roku? ›

Glitch+ is for those who want a space to watch their favorite content creators with genuine personalities. A streaming service built for their creator communities offering discoverability, interactivity, and accessibility without a subscription or an intrusive advertising experience.

How do I fix my Roku glitch? ›

In some cases you may need to log out, remove the app, reinstall the app, and then re-login. Sometimes a restart is needed. There are three ways to do this. Option 1 is to use the system menu option under the Roku Settings --> System --> System Restart and the press the restart button.

Why is my Roku malfunctioning? ›

If your network is experiencing disruptions due to outside issues, like network congestion during peak times, you may need to look into getting a faster connection. Try disconnecting your Wi-Fi router for 30 seconds, then reconnecting it. Sign out of your Roku account and then sign back in. Restart the Roku device.

How long does a Hisense Roku TV last? ›

The company is owned by Hisense Co. Ltd., which is based in China with production facilities in Europe, Central America and South Africa. How long does a Hisense TV last? Most televisions last between five and 10 years.

How do you know when you need a new Roku? ›

Many older Roku models only support single-band Wi-Fi, and even some recent ones don't support the latest 802.11ac standard. Consider upgrading if your Roku's streaming quality doesn't seem to match your internet speed and/or your router's capabilities.

How do you know if your Roku is going? ›

If you see a red flashing light or a “low power” warning, that means your Roku isn't getting enough power. Your Roku may still work, but it can crash or behave differently at any time. A flashing red light or on-screen message indicates that the Roku has insufficient power.

Is Hisense TV a reliable brand? ›

Hisense TVs tend to offer great value for their price, so you won't break the bank buying one. They've recently started to add gaming features like variable refresh rate (VRR) support, so they compete with some other brands. However, their TVs can also suffer from quality problems like uniformity and motion issues.

Do Hisense TVs need to be updated? ›

It's important that you keep your Hisense Smart TV firmware and software versions up-to-date.

Do you need to update TV firmware? ›

Every once in a while, your TV or Odyssey Ark gaming screen will receive software updates to add new features or fix bugs. No matter what model you have, keeping your software up to date is very important. You can update your TV or gaming screen's software over the internet or using a USB flash drive.

Should I reset my Roku TV? ›

You might want to reset your Roku device if you are experiencing any issues or if you plan on returning it or giving it to someone else. Resetting your Roku device will erase all your settings and unlink your Roku account. Here's how to reset your Roku device to factory conditions in two different ways.

How do I soft reset my Roku TV? ›

How to Restart Your TCL Roku TV
  1. Press on your remote to open the main screen.
  2. Scroll up or down and select Settings.
  3. Press the right arrow button and select System.
  4. Press the right arrow button and select Power.
  5. Press the right arrow button and select System Restart.
  6. Press the right arrow button and select Restart.


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