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Does your Roku TV keep turning off? It means it’s a hardware or firmware issue.

There is also a likelihood of a faulty cable or low power outage.

However, there is no need to replace your TV set.

First, you should troubleshoot the cause of the problem.

Afterward, you can look for a solution to the problem.

How To Troubleshoot Roku TV Turning Off

Your Roku TV keeps turning off at the wrong time probably because your device is no longer supported, you have outdated firmware, low power to the device, or a loose connection in your Roku system setup.

Some of the reasons why the Roku TV keeps turning off include:

1. Device is No Longer Supported

Roku usually updates its releases annually. When a newer model is released, the old ones are no longer supported.

You should go ahead and check the model number. After doing so, you can confirm whether it is still supported.

If the firmware is above 7.0, it means this is not the reason why your Roku TV keeps turning off.

2. Outdated Firmware

The latest firmware version is 7.6.

You should go ahead and check it. You can do so by going to Settings and then System Update.

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If you see a message that the system is up-to-date, this issue is not caused by outdated firmware.

3. Low Power

Roku TV keeps turning off when the power goes low.

You can confirm the power level by going to Settings > Power > Power Level. The power level should be “Normal” at all times.

If it is not, contact Roku support for a firmware update.

4. Cable/Wires Are Not Properly Placed

It is unlikely that you are placing the Roku TV correctly when it keeps turning off.

You should try to do so again and check for the problem if it persists.

Roku TV Keeps Turning Off: How To Troubleshoot - The Gadget Buyer | Tech Advice (1)

How to Stop Your Roku TV from Turning Off

Some of the solutions you can try out depending on the reason why your Roku TV keeps turning off include:

Turn off the HDMI-CEC, then Restart Your TV

If your TV or cable box sends a signal to turn off your Roku TV, you will get a message saying, “No HDMI CEC Function.” You must turn off the HDMI-CEC. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the “home” button on your remote for about 10 seconds until all the lights blink. The indicator light on the front should stop blinking.
  2. Press and hold the Menu button on your remote for about 10 seconds until all the lights blink. The indicator light on the front should stop blinking.
  3. Press and hold the Source button labeled (HDMI) on your TV remote for about 10 seconds until all the lights blink. The indicator light on the front should stop blinking.
  4. Press and hold the Source button labeled (AV) on your TV remote for about 10 seconds, until all the lights blink. The indicator light on the front should stop blinking.

Check for System Updates

The streaming players need regular updates.

If the device doesn’t update automatically, you’ll experience different problems.

If you are not sure about whether you’re using the latest version or not, you can check manually.

Home Screen > Settings > System Update.

(Video) How to fix Roku issues 2021 - Roku black screen wont load - Buffering Fix / All Roku issues solved 📺

You need to download the latest version using an internet connection.

Once it is installed, your device should work properly.

Unplug All Connected All External Connected Devices

After disconnecting all the devices, give the TV some time before you can turn it ON.

You’ll then plug in one device at a time afterward.

Unplug the TV for Some Minutes

Turn off the TV and unplug it from the power source.

Wait for a while. Then, turn it ON and try again.

There is a probability that it will work this time.

If you are still experiencing problems, consider replacing your Roku TV with another one if the fault is not related to your current model or similar issue.

If this does not solve the problem, return it to get an exchange or refund.

Reset the TV

If Roku TV keeps turning off, you can reset the device by following these steps:

Press and hold down the ‘Home’ and ‘OK’ buttons on your Roku remote for at least 15 seconds.

The blue light on the front should start blinking.

(Video) How To Fix Low Power on Roku

If you still experience issues after resetting, follow these steps:

If a power outage occurs during use, do not turn your Roku TV back ON until you are sure it is completely restored with power.

Replace the Power Supply

If you think that the power is not enough or if there is a problem with the power supply, you can replace it.

You can also check if there are loose cables.

Power adapters come in various types.

There is an adapter that has a switch on it for voltage selection.

If you only know about a 4-pin (male) power source, this will be best for your Roku TV.

Check the Power Cord Connections

The power cord connections can be loose sometimes.

You should check the connections to see if the cables are securely connected to your Roku TV.

Contact the Manufacturer for Assistance

Go ahead and visit the manufacturer’s website for assistance with your Roku TV.

There are email support, phone support, and live chat options.

Final Thoughts

If you’re experiencing problems with your Roku TV, there is no need to worry.

(Video) Roku TV's: Access Secret Menu (System Operations Menu)

Troubleshoot the Roku TV and see if you can fix the problem.

We’ve listed some of why the Roku TV may be turning off.

As a result, you will have an idea of the problem that needs to be solved.

Fortunately, we’ve listed different solutions above, and you can try each of them, and hopefully, your Roku TV will cease turning off unexpectedly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Roku TV Turn Off Regularly?

There are different reasons the Roku TV will keep turning off, and we’ve listed them above. If your TV is not turning off for the first time, you should know that it may have something to do with the hardware.

Can I Fix My Roku TV When It Keeps Turning Off?

For the answers, follow our guide and try different solutions if you believe one of them can solve your problem. If it persists, return it or contact a support representative for more help.

Will the Roku TV Keep Turning Off if There’s No Internet Connection?

Yes. When there is an internet connection, the device will turn ON automatically. However, it will also turn OFF when there is no internet connection. You need to make sure that your TV has an internet connection before you use it.

Why Does My Roku TV Keep Turning Off when the HDMI Cable is Plugged into the TV?

Since the cable is not secure and constantly moves around, you can assume that it is not properly connected. If you think that this might be why Roku keeps turning off, try plugging your cable in different places until you identify a certain spot. You could also use a HDMI extension cable if your TV accepts one.

Is There a Solution to Prevent Roku TV from Turning Off?

Yes. You need to ensure that all the cables are properly connected. You can also check if the HDMI-CEC is enabled or not. If the device keeps powering off, ensure that all the cables are secured, and there is no more movement. Check for loose wires and regularly refresh your software for updates. You can also contact the manufacturer to know if your device has a problem.

Will My Roku TV Turn Off after a Power Outage?

If your TV has an internet connection, it won’t turn OFF. To prevent it from turning OFF, remove the internet cable and wait for a while. Then re-plug in the cable and try turning it ON again. If it still doesn’t work, then reset your Roku by following the steps listed above or contact the manufacturer for more help.

How Can I Prevent My Roku TV from Turning Off Automatically after Using Netflix?

You may have connected your Roku to your television via HDMI. You can solve this issue by disabling the HDMI-CEC. You can also turn off your TV and unplug the Roku for a few minutes before you attempt to turn it ON again. If resetting doesn’t work, call the manufacturer for assistance.


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