What is Direct Roku Wi-Fi? - Great Connection Feature - Review (2023)

Many people come across Direct Roku Wi-Fi by chance. As a matter of fact, we wouldn’t be surprised to know some have never heard of it.

With internet service providers, you can never be too sure about the kind of service you’ll get. Sometimes you get your money’s worth, and others you don’t.

After struggling with a poor connection for a while, I decided to search around and see if there is a strong enough Wi-Fi connection available.

That’s when I stumbled upon Direct Roku Wi-Fi on the list of available connections. Naturally, anyone would assume this is a Wi-Fi network.

Well, it’s really not. Direct Roku isn’t a network you connect to and get internet.

Now that we know what it’s not, there is one question left to answer.

What is Direct Roku Wi-Fi? Don’t move, it’s all covered in this brief.

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Roku overview

Roku is a well-known American brand that creates digital media players. The media players are designed to stream video and audio services using the internet.

Roku develops various devices to match the needs of different users and their interests. There is even the Roku smart TV.

Aside from the devices, Roku has a channel of its own. Its name the Roku Channel and it’s a free streaming channel available on all their media players.

That being said, Roku has been doing everything possible to keep up with the latest technological advancements.

For instance, users can watch movies and TV shows of good quality. There are various models of the Roku streaming devices.

Depending on the device you choose, you’re able to access their host of services in Ultra HD or 4K quality.

(Video) Roku Not Connecting with Wifi - Fix it Now

This means you can watch all the content you need in the best quality possible.

Furthermore, the devices can work quite well with average-speed connections to give users the best of the entertainment world.

Also, each of the Roku media players connects to the internet without any issues. You can easily get WiFi on your Roku device and start streaming your favorite shows.

Most of the Roku streaming players work with OTT media. OTT media is a service that basically gets content from the internet and delivers it directly to the viewer’s screens.

Many of the Roku products are dependent on the internet to work and provide entertainment. This should explain why there is a focus on proper and easy connectivity.

WiFi Direct overview

Wi-Fi Direct is a new and promising feature that has been in use for quite some time now. More devices are using this feature, most notably Roku.

Wi-Fi Direct basically lets two devices establish a direct, peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connection without the need for a wireless router.

This means the devices can connect directly to each other. It creates a means of communication between the devices wirelessly in a similar manner to Bluetooth.

What is Direct Roku Wi-Fi?

You’re probably here because you want to find out more about Direct Roku Wi-Fi and what it means.

The newest models of the Roku devices come with a network feature and that is Direct Roku Wi-Fi. Several devices use Wi-Fi Direct.

One of them is the newer model of Roku. That’s how Direct Roku Wi-Fi came to be and it’s actually fair to say this is Roku’s version of Wi-Fi Direct.

As mentioned, Wi-Fi Direct allows the users to connect devices to Wi-Fi directly rather than through a router.

It’s like connecting devices to Wi-Fi, without the typical Wi-Fi. This is made possible since almost every streaming device relies on the internet to work.

As a matter of fact, it’s not really possible to stream without an internet connection. This should explain how it’s easy to connect two devices without necessarily requiring a wireless router.

For a long time, people have always used Bluetooth whenever they wanted to transfer data from one point to the next.

But then the dynamics have changed immensely and people actually find Bluetooth too slow. Also, the devices using Bluetooth require specialized hardware for this particular function.

Wi-Fi Direct comes in as an easier and faster way to connect two devices and allow them to communicate.

(Video) Onn. Roku TV: How to Connect to Wifi Internet Network

As a result, these devices can exchange videos, photos, files, and so on, as long as one of them has an internet connection.

With that being said, Roku Wi-Fi has a slightly different approach. The Roku 3 is one of the devices that use the Wi-Fi Direct feature.

It has a remote control designed to communicate with Wi-Fi Direct instead of the typical Bluetooth connection or infrared blaster.

The remote control doesn’t even connect to your wireless router to receive Wi-Fi. Rather, the Roku device creates a Wi-Fi network, which the remote connects to, and the two can now communicate over their new, exclusive network.

It is this Wi-Fi network that people spot on their laptops, smartphones, or PC.

Whenever you’re in range of the Roku device, you’ll see a Wi-Fi network appear that’s named Direct-Roku-###.

It’s easy to think you’ve found a Wi-Fi network you can connect to and access the internet.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to connect to this new network simply because you’ll need a security key.

The said security key is automatically negotiated between the two devices allowing a smooth connection process.

The Direct Roku Wi-Fi is a feature meant to introduce an element of convenience. The Roku device and its remote control can communicate easily with each other using mainly the standard Wi-Fi protocols.

It eliminates the daunting setup procedures associated with the likes of Bluetooth.

The connection process occurs automatically and that means you won’t have to enter any passcodes into the remote.

There is no doubt this is a promising and very useful feature, which people have been waiting for all this time.

How to connect a device with the Roku Network?

While this new network creates means of communication between the remote control and Roku device, there are still other ways to use this feature.

For instance, the feature allows you to use a mobile phone to communicate with other devices like the TV, etc., in case your remote is lost.

However, it’s not as simple as it sounds. In case you lose your remote control, it’s possible to simply connect another device into the Roku network to adjust the volume or change channels.

But some issues with the connectivity still stand and most users are unable to successfully get it working.

(Video) How to Connect Roku to Wi Fi Without Remote

For the most part, connecting to this network is not straightforward. You will have to tamper with different kinds of things before it works out.

Though, there is an alternative that makes the situation easier. To do that, you should have a smartphone or tablet with the infrared blaster feature.

Unfortunately, many of the newer phone models lack the infrared blaster. But if you can search around and find an older model, then you’re good to go.

With a remote control app, you only have to connect the devices to the new network and proceed to control the Roku media player.

As such, your mobile phone acts as the remote even when your real remote control isn’t available and can’t get another one at the moment.

With that being said, there could be a downside to this feature. Several people have complained about the Roku network slowing down other connections within range.

The result is slower internet speeds than what’s normal. At one point, you might have experienced a slow internet connection. It’s difficult to do anything online with slow speeds and lags.

As such, this is a big problem because you can’t achieve any of the online activities including streaming videos, gaming, video calls, and so on.

So, how do you get rid of this problem? While many sources say it’s unlikely, there is surely a solution.

The best thing to do would be to remove the wireless presence on the Roku device. This is simply done by opting for a wired connection. Switch to a wired connection and the issue will be as good as gone.

How the Direct Roku Wi-Fi works?

Now that we have an idea of what Direct Roku Wi-Fi is and what it’s used for, let’s see how exactly it works.

For starters, the Roku device uses the Wi-Fi Direct feature to create a network of its own and communicate seamlessly with another device, which in this case is its remote control.

Here is how it accomplishes these functions.


Basically, it uses the very same technology Wi-Fi-enabled devices use to communicate with a wireless router. The Wi-Fi Direct device (Roku 3) functions as the access point and then allows the Wi-Fi-enabled device to connect to it directly.

The main advantage of this network is its easy setup compared to its counterparts like Bluetooth.

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)

When any two devices connect, they automatically do so through WPS. This is meant to be a means of creating a secure connection. Though, WPS is not the best way to secure your connection.


This is basically the most secure way to encrypt your Wi-Fi network. Most of the devices with the Wi-Fi Direct feature use WPA2 encryption.

(Video) Roku Antenna Secret Screen Wifi Speed Optimization HD

Wi-Fi Direct devices and service discovery

This is very important because it’s a protocol that allows Wi-Fi direct devices like the Roku to discover each other and then the services they support before creating a connection.

A Wi-Fi Direct device might discover several other compatible devices in the vicinity and narrow down the list according to the services common with each of them.

How to disable Wi-Fi Direct on Roku devices?

Direct Roku Wi-Fi has its good and bad sides. On one hand, it offers speedy and straightforward connections between the Roku remote control and the device.

This way, there is easy communication between the two.

On the other hand, Direct Roku Wi-Fi runs on the very same frequency as the USD’s Wi-Fi. What happens is Roku actually uses Wi-Fi direct to connect some remote controls.

It utilizes the channel it receives the internet from. The result is interference with the signal on other devices causing their connections to fail or drop intermittently.

This is more than enough reason to disable Wi-Fi Direct on Roku.

Here is how to go about it depending on the model;

Roku 2

  1. Open the Roku home screen
  2. Go to settings
  3. A system submenu will show, click on Advanced system settings
  4. Proceed to select Device Connect
  5. Then, select Disable device connect
  6. Now you will no longer see Direct Roku Wi-Fi on your network

Roku 3

  1. Turn on the Roku device and open the home screen
  2. The next step involves pressing these buttons as fast as you can; HOME-HOME-HOME-HOME-HOME-FFWD-PLAY-REWIND-PLAY-FFWD
  3. You can now click on the Wireless secret screen
  4. After that, select Interference
  5. On this step, you choose None
  6. The issue should be resolved and you don’t need to reboot the Roku device


What is the direct Roku Wi-Fi password?

Unlike the normal network, direct Roku Wi-Fi doesn’t have a default password. It’s a network that is used to connect the remote control to the Roku device for smooth communication with each other.

What can you do with Wi-Fi direct?

Wi-Fi Direct is a type of wireless technology designed to establish a direct Wi-Fi connection between two devices without necessarily requiring a wireless router.

You introduce Wi-Fi direct enabled devices to each other and then create a connection.

Is Wi-Fi Direct safe?

While Wi-Fi direct is a great and easy means of transferring data or files between devices, it tends to be vulnerable.

Remember, this technology is still a work in progress but we expect much better in the future.


Direct Roku Wi-Fi is a feature that’s helpful when it comes to accessibility. But, it also has a reputation for messing up internet speeds or lowering bandwidth.

If that’s a great concern, simply use a wired connection. Generally, Roku devices work quite well and deliver impressive performance.

(Video) Screen Mirror on Roku TV without WIFI

This feature definitely has potential and more upsides than downsides.


What is Wi-Fi Direct on Roku for? ›

Wi-Fi Direct connects smartphones and computers directly to the TV instead of through the Internet, so streaming video content that requires an Internet connection cannot be played back on the TV.

What does it mean when your Roku won't connect to WiFi? ›

If your Roku isn't connecting to WiFi, it's likely due to a poor WiFi signal, a power or router issue, or a malfunctioning Roku.

How do I connect my Roku direct? ›

Roku Network Connection
  1. Turn on your TV. ...
  2. Connect your Roku to your TV using an HDMI cable. ...
  3. Turn on your Roku device.
  4. On your TV, select the input that matches your Roku HDMI connection.
  5. Exit your TV settings and navigate to the Roku Home Screen.

What is the difference between WiFi and Wi-Fi Direct? ›

Connected devices on a typical Wi-Fi network can only communicate through a centralized wireless access point or router. This is not the case with Wi-Fi Direct. In contrast, Wi-Fi Direct allows for direct device-to-device communication, bypassing your router or access point, even with no internet connection.

Should I use WiFi or Wi-Fi Direct? ›

In the right setting, Wi-Fi Direct can transfer data at a rate 10 times faster than traditional Bluetooth on your android device. This makes Wi-Fi Direct the superior choice for business applications that require data sharing between devices.

What channel does Roku have to be on to work? ›

Next, turn on your TV and set it to the Roku's HDMI channel.

You will know you are on the right channel when you see the Roku set up screen. Note: If you are using a Roku device with a “point anywhere” remote, you will be asked to pair it now.

Does Roku have to have Internet to work? ›

Roku streaming players and Roku TVs need Internet access to stream content. They use wireless to connect to your home network, or you can choose a model that offers a wired Ethernet connector. What type of Internet connection do I need?

Does Roku stay on all night? ›

Roku doesn't turn itself off, but it does enter a screensaver mode when not in use. Rokus are designed to stay on so you can access them immediately and receive software updates, and they use minimal power to do so.

How do I fix my Roku when it says no connection? ›

What to Do If Your Roku Still Won't Connect
  1. Check and fix connection issues with your Wi-Fi router.
  2. Restart your router and modem.
  3. Relocate your Roku device so it's closer to the router and has a strong signal.
  4. Contact Roku support.
Dec 2, 2022

How do I find my direct Roku WIFI password? ›

If you have forgotten the password, go to the support site for your ISP or router manufacturer. They will be able to suggest the specific methods for their products to recover the password or reset it. Sometimes the default password is listed on the bottom of the router.

What does Wi-Fi Direct allow you to do? ›

Wi-Fi Direct is a wireless technology that allows two devices to establish a direct, peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connection without requiring a wireless router. It's like Bluetooth in that you need to introduce each Wi-Fi Direct capable device to the other and create a connection.

What is the benefit of Wi-Fi Direct? ›

The key benefit of WiFi Direct is it allows any WiFi-enabled device to communicate with any other WiFi-enabled device and share data between them. This could be two laptops sharing a document, a phone sharing a photo with a tablet, or a computer sending a file to a printer.

Is it safe to use Wi-Fi Direct? ›

Wi-Fi Direct has minimal security advantages compared to other options, but it has minimal security risks. It can be risky while simultaneously using a device connected to another network.

Can I turn off Wi-Fi Direct? ›

Tap Start Setup. Tap Change. Select Disable Wi-Fi Direct. Tap the Disable the settings.

What is the best network mode for WiFi? ›

A/AC/N is recommended on the 5GHz network. This will allow all devices to connect to this network. If you want to optimize your home network, select AC and it will not allow older, slower, N wireless devices to take up bandwidth on this radio.

How many channels are free with Roku? ›

Did you know that straight-out-of-the-box, your Roku device gives you free access to more than 350 live television channels? That's more channels than many basic cable plans offer, which is why devices like our Roku Ultra are a favorite among cord-cutters.

Can you watch normal TV on a Roku TV? ›

A Roku TV is equipped with an ATSC tuner that provides access to digital “over-the-air” broadcast television. These channels can be accessed via an HDTV antenna connected to the Live TV input on your Roku TV.

Which is better Roku or Firestick? ›

But Roku streaming devices have a wider selection of channels. Both devices give you access to the most popular channels like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Hulu, etc. But Roku offers over 3,000 free channels. The Fire Stick offers closer to 200 free channels.

Is there a way to watch TV without Internet? ›

Over-the-Air TV. Over-the-air (OTA) TV is a great way to catch your local channels without spending the big bucks for cable. OTA TV offers high-definition television broadcasts from your local television stations. All you need to start is a TV and a digital antenna.

Why is Roku charging me monthly? ›

Why is Roku charging me $5.99 a month? If you see a recurring charge on your credit card billing statement, it means that you have subscribed to a paid or premium subscription (or someone with access to your Roku player has signed up for a channel).

Does Roku turn off when TV is off? ›

USB-powered Roku streaming players

This means they will automatically power-off when you turn off the television, but it also means that they have to boot-up every time you turn on the television.

Can Roku turn off your TV? ›

Once you set up your Roku device and voice remote, you can control power on/off and volume for select TV brands and models.

Does unplugging a Roku reset it? ›

System restart your device

If you have a Roku TV, it is not the same as pressing the power button on the remote or the physical power button on the TV itself. Instead, a system restart is performed by removing the power cord from your Roku device for at least 10 seconds before plugging it back in.

How do I get to the Roku secret menu? ›

Roku devices have hidden menus that allow you to see more information and change settings. Here's how to access the Roku secret menus.
To access the Update and Reset secret menu:
  1. Press Home five times.
  2. Immediately press Fast Forward three times.
  3. Press Rewind twice. The Update and Reset secret menu should open.
Sep 30, 2022

Can you connect phone to Roku without WiFi? ›

Mirror Android Screen on Roku TV

Follow the given steps to mirror the Android screen to Roku TV without Wi-Fi. Visit “settings” on your Android phone. Open the "connected device tab" and tap on "connection preferences". Search screen mirroring feature.

Can I connect Roku to my cell phone? ›

To use screen mirroring, you must first set up and enable the feature on your Android or Windows device and then request a connection to your Roku device. Once you confirm the request and the connection is established, you can see your mobile screen on your TV and control it from your phone or tablet.

What is the default password for WiFi Direct? ›

When connecting to the BMP51 / BMP61 using WIFI Direct (on your smart phone or tablet), the default password to enter is 1234567890. You can change this password using the Network Card Configuration Utility, under the WIFI Direct Tab.

What is the WiFi Direct password? ›

Wi‑Fi Direct Password—Assigns the password for negotiating the wireless security when using the peer‑to-peer connection. Show Password on Setup Page—Shows the password on the Network Setup Page. Auto-Accept Push Button Requests—Lets the printer accept connection requests automatically.

How can I connect to direct WiFi without password? ›

Connect wifi without password by using a QR code
  1. Open your smartphone's settings app.
  2. Now choose network and internet.
  3. In the new screen that opens up, you will see a list of all the wifi connections that are around you.
  4. You will also a settings option that says add network, with QR code icon right next to it.
Apr 12, 2022

How can I connect my Roku to my TV without cable? ›

If you got a new Roku streaming device, we'll show you how to set it up and connect it to your TV.
  1. Step 1: Connect your Roku to your TV. ...
  2. Step 2: Pair the Roku remote. ...
  3. Step 3: Connect the Roku to Wi-Fi and complete the rest of the setup process.
Dec 25, 2021

How do I get free cable on Roku? ›

Step by Step: How to Find Roku Free Channels
  1. Press the Home Button. Press the home button on your Roku remote to make sure you're on the home screen.
  2. Go to “Streaming Channels” Go to “streaming channels” and press “OK” on the remote. ...
  3. Select “Top Free Movies & TV” ...
  4. Browse Through Roku's Free Channels.
Feb 17, 2023

Can you use Roku on a non smart TV? ›

All Roku streaming players, including a Roku Streaming Stick®, Roku Streambar, Roku Streambar Pro, and Roku Smart Soundbar, will work with any television with an HDMI connection.

Can you hook up your Roku to a hotel TV? ›

Connecting your Roku to a hotel TV and Wi-Fi may seem daunting at first, but it couldn't be easier! Just remember to pack your HDMI cable, if needed, your Roku remote, and then you're then all set.

How do I bypass guest mode on Roku? ›

When you are not viewing the welcome screen, you can exit Guest Mode at any time using the steps described below:
  1. Press Home on your Roku remote.
  2. Scroll and select Settings.
  3. Select System.
  4. Select Guest Mode.
  5. Select Exit Guest Mode.
  6. Enter your PIN.
  7. Select OK, and confirm.
Aug 10, 2022

Can I use my Roku at my vacation home? ›

Plugging in the Roku when on vacation is relatively easy in most instances. You'll need an open HDMI port. There generally are not hard to find on the back of the TV. Then you simply need to change the input on the TV to the HDMI port you plugged into.

How do I connect my hotel Wi-Fi to a hotel TV? ›

Initiate the wireless connection
  1. Press the button on your remote to view the Home screen.
  2. Scroll down and select Settings.
  3. Press the right arrow button and select Network.
  4. Press the right arrow button and select Wireless.
  5. Your TV will start scanning for available wireless networks.

Can you watch regular TV stations on Roku? ›

First, simply connect an HDTV antenna to your Roku TV. Next, follow the easy on-screen steps to scan for channels. Then, start watching your local stations for free!

Can I put Roku on any TV? ›

Your Roku streaming device can be connected to any television with an HDMI® port. To make this connection, a Roku player requires an HDMI cable while a Roku Streaming Stick connects directly with its built-in HDMI connector.

Can you get TV through Roku? ›

Streaming Now: Live TV

Catch breaking news, sports, award shows, live events, current network TV, and more the moment it airs on any of your favorite channels, including NBC, MTV, the CW, Freeform, ESPN, CNN, and Nickelodeon.

How do I get to the secret page on Roku? ›

To access the Platform secret menu:
  1. Press Home five times.
  2. Press Fast Forward, Pause, Rewind, Pause, Fast Forward. The Platform secret menu should open.
Sep 30, 2022

How do you unlock the secret channels on Roku? ›

How to Add Hidden Roku Channels
  1. Visit my.roku.com on your mobile phone or computer.
  2. Sign in to your Roku account.
  3. Under the Manage account section, click or tap Add channel with a code.
  4. Enter your desired channel access code and select the Add Channel button.
  5. A popup warning will appear.
Jan 2, 2023

How do I make my Roku private when listening? ›

Configure the remote icon using the mobile app and your Roku TV or device. Tap the Private Listening button in the lower-right corner of the screen until it turns green. The first time you turn it on, it will explain that private listening is enabled. Tap it again to turn the feature off.

How many TVs can you watch with Roku? ›

The Roku players can be connected to only one TV at a time. Roku players have only one connectivity port (HDMI/USB) to connect to a TV. If you watch one TV at a time then you can simply plug out the Roku player from TV and Plug it in in another TV. But two TVs cannot be connected to one Roku player at same time.

Can you run more than one Roku in the same house? ›

Yes you have up to 20 Roku devices on the same Roku account. You will need to long into each device for initial setup. Each Roku device may only be linked to one Roku account at a time. When you link multiple Roku devices to a single Roku account, the channels and purchases will be the same on each device.

How do hotels get WiFi in every room? ›

It relies on internet cables and business-grade equipment that supports wireless users, hotel IoT solutions, and office operations. Typical WiFi setup includes: Routers connect to your internet service provider's network. Access points extend WiFi to guest rooms and public spaces.

Can hotels see what you watch on TV? ›

The answer is “Yes” and “No”. Nowadays, most hotels have management security camera systems to record and monitor the hallways. If hotels don't have security cameras in the hallways, the entrances and stairwells will be covered by the “digital eyes”.

Can you watch Netflix in a hotel TV? ›

All you have to do is download the service's Hotel Cast app for iOS and Android and connect to the hotel's WiFi to start streaming your own Netflix, Hulu and other Cast-enabled apps.


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