Why Does My Roku Device Keep Overheating (2023)

The overheating further creates other problems likeshutdowns, streaming issues, lagandreduced working timeof the device itself, etc.These issues can be tackled with a simpleseries of measureswith afew DIY hacksfor inquisitive users.

Common Causes of Roku Overheating

Is My Roku Device Overheating?

Before we decide how to fix the overheating issue, we need to first identify the problem.

Common Tell-Tell Signs of Roku Overheat

The device feels excessively hot when we place our hands on it.The audio keeps dropping out2Audio-video lag/ mismatchAn excessive buffering time of videosShuts downs abruptlySluggish NavigationAlert on the top right corner of the screen “Your device is overheating”For units like Roku Ultra, Express, the white led on the ROKU turns a constant red.

How to Monitor Accurate Temperature of Roku Devices?

Press the combination of keys stated below at a fast rate. An accurate temperature should show on the top section of the screen.Home button (5 times) + Fast Forward + Play + Rewind + Play + Fast forward

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Fixes for Roku Overheating Issue

Please follow the fixes stated below to counter the device’s overheating issue.

Unplug the Device

This should be the go-to step. Unplug the device and let it sit in a ventilated space to get rid of the excess heat. 10-15 minutes should be enough. Test it by hand and reconnect the device once you are sure the temperature has simmered down. If there are no light indications of the high temperature or notices on the screen, you are solid.

Take Advantage of the FREE HDMI Extender

We don’t notice it, but TVs can get excessively hot, and placing a ROKU directly beside them can transfer heat. Luckily, the brand ROKU can ship a free HDMI extender to you.This is an excellent way to create some distance between the TV and the device. Just plug one end (HDMI part) into the TV port and one end in the ROKU.Go to their website and check if your location is eligible for this free extender. You will have to fill out details including serial number, name, location, phone number, etc but hey! We are getting free stuff.

Try Changing Location

This step may be a little hard as there is a finite distance between the device and the TV. What we mean, is to take the device out of the TV cabinets, off any other electronic device. Ensure the device doesn’t touch any other device that might put out excessive heat. Do what possibly can be done.

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Restart ROKU

Restarting the device should be a priority with any problem in an electronic device. We know it sounds a little cliche but, restarting devices ensures all previous processes are ended and it starts again on a fresh session.It is a long shot, but if any previous errors taxed the device enough to use more of its resources than needed, the device might start to overheat. It’s a simple process so even if it doesn’t work, do not worry, nothing is lost.

Go to your home menu and enter the setting section.Select System and click on System Restart >Restart.

Stop Using Third-party Power Plugs/Adapter

A lot of us use third-party cables for electronic devices mainly due to price points or just the convenience to buy them at a local store. Remember, all these cables do not guarantee quality. A poor-quality cable might not transfer current efficiently.There is a reason why manufacturers send cables with the device. These components are tested by the manufacturer before being sold. Always get brands specific cables. If you are using a third-party one and the device constantly overheats, there is a high chance it’s the cable or adapter that is at fault.

Get a USB Powered FAN for Active Cooling

A lot of users use external fans tailored for computers to cool Rokus. Buy a PC fan that is slightly bigger than the ROKU and place it beneath the device and run the cooler or vice versa depending upon the fan.The prices for these fans generally range from $8 to $50. Just pop into your local hardware store and get a small fan.These fans are only applicable for ROKU devices that have a USB slot. For ones that do not have this slot, buy a fan that can be plugged into a power socket.Note: Try to get a fan that has high RPM but is silent. These fans are generally made to be inside devices but since we will be placing them outside, sound can be an irritating issue. Usually, fans will advertise these features. Pick one that suits your need.

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Opt for Warranty Claim

If the device still overheats after applying the measures above, turn off the device immediately and go for a warranty.Try cooling the temperature by unplugging it around 3-4 times. If the issue persists, stop using the device right away. It might be a hardware problem with the device. Do not keep using it.Roku does provide a standard 2-year warranty from the date of purchase in case of hardware defects. There are however strict terms to be eligible for the ROKU warranty.If you are fine with voiding the warranty, some DIY solutions can be done. Do it at your own risk.


Please understand that the solutions stated below showcase changes in the structure of the Roku. There is a high chance that you may damage the device itself.We do not recommend doing this if you have even a shred of doubt. The manufacturer will ask users to refrain from doing it and void the warranty.

Try Using Roku With the Cover Off

The actual component of the device is not bound to the case of the ROKU, many users take off the upper case so that there is airflow. This is an excellent way to reduce temperature, but we risk dust accumulation on the internal components.We will have to clean the components regularly for dust, if you do not have the time, we recommend skipping this step and moving on to the next one.

Drill Holes into the Casing of the ROKU

A lot of users have found headway when they drill holes into the casing of the ROKU. Do not drill holes directly, take off the casing and drill holes using a Dremel or similar machine.

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Install Heat Sinks on the Roku

We can get some small heat sinks and install them inside the metallic parts of the Roku. The general go-to heatsinks to look for while buying is heatsink kits for raspberry pie. To open the device, use a flat-head screwdriver and credit/ gift cards.You will need to cut off the casing of the Roku in a rectangular fashion. Make sure the heat sinks stick to the metallic parts of the ROKU and have them stick out from the rectangular hole.

Does Roku Run on Android?

Roku has its own operating system that comes inbuilt into the device. The brands send updates to the software similar to how we get android or IOS updates.

Do Rokus need a Wifi Connection?

Yes ! the device needs a wireless internet connection or you can choose models that feature Ethernet connections. As the device is tailored as a streaming device, its a hunk of a box without internet connectivity,

Do Rokus Need a Smart Tv to Work?

Any Tv with an HDMI port will do the job. The device itself has an operating system so the smartness of the TV is irrelevant. However, please note that for 4K streaming, the TV must have 4k capabilities.

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